Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I wanted to give you a quick update on Miss Faith. She seems to be doing SOOOOO much better WITHOUT the "dip". The original vet told us Faith had "sarcoptic mange"...She doesn't. She has the other one. Passed to her from her mother while nursing. We were giving her the dip for a sarcoptic mange which in turn I believe made her worse. Great huh?? To make a sad, long story short....The energy this puppy has is unbelievable!!!! She is all over the house again...running and playing with the kids. Begging for snacks and doing her AWESOME tricks. She amazes me to no end!
We continue to pray for with her...and most of all, not make her feel "diseased" in any way. We carry on like it's nothing. I think she feeds off that and therefore in my humble opinion....takes that energy and uses it to help herself fight this condition.
I believe God loves us all very much.... and our well-being. But do we honestly believe... he limits his love to just us?? I think not. Thank you God for every blessing in my life!!


She who is by birth... said...

Awesome!! I am very glad to hear this!

Tina. said...

Amen!!! Did I tell you even Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Carol, Aunt Rosalie and you knew Mom was praying for her too! I think it is wonderful! And that you are wonderful too for keeping the Faith and doing no matter what for your pup!

Aunt Rose said...

"Faith is when you close your eyes and open your heart." That is a quote from a plaque I got for Christmas. It kind of applies to how you have reacted to your dog Faith having this mange problem. So I just felt I had to share that with you. ;-)