Monday, April 20, 2009

In Loving Memory....

On March 28th I experienced a pain I never knew. I guess I just thought it would be awhile before I had to say goodbye to a parent. On my Dads side of the family they live to be 70 some or 80 some and usually pass from Cancer. My dad was 62 years young and passed away from a Massive Heart Attack. When I got the call to get to the hospital I rushed as fast as I could and called in for prayer for him. I figured maybe it was something that could be fixed with a surgery, maybe a few days stay in the hospital. I was wrong. I didn't make it in time to even say goodbye to him. He was already gone by time I got there.
As much as Dad and I disagreed, we agreed as well. We were close, which is probably why he was so hard on me at times. He loved me and wanted the best for me.
He taught me a lot of important things in life and the thing he most pushed in the last 14 years was, God knows what he is doing if you just ask, and listen. I know for a fact every single day for the last 14 years he mentioned every one of his kids in prayer. I miss his prayers! I miss calling him for any reason, to tell him about something one of the grandchildren did, to ask how to get some where, ask about a recipe, ask how to filet a fish, to just tell him I love him and appreciate him.
My Dad is missed so very much by many people.
I found out a couple things since this has all took place...
Never take anyone for will eventually regret it.
There is NO bargining with GOD....when he says, "Come home"...he means..."Come Home"
God really knows what he is doing....I myself could have never handled hearing my Dad say to me.."Im outta here"
Be kind to will need them at some point.
With all that said...
I will forever miss you Dad...and I will always love you..... Rest in peace now are HOME!