Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring...Spring...Spring =)

I was outside yesterday, just cleaning up some, doing some raking, and just looking around at spring happening all around. I went inside and grabbed my camera to capture some of spring in my yard as it happens....This is what I came up with.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I miss Fishing =(

I took this picture last summer while Rick and I were at Tamarack Lake fishing. I don't remember if we caught anything but just looking at this picture makes me miss the warm weather even more. I do already have this years fishing license by the get ready Tina!!! LOL

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Members of the Family

These are the new members of the family =) I am starting to become my Mother more and more every day I believe. She was always an animal of any kind lover...except June bugs (I think). so now we have Miss Faith....Miss Grace....and many Miss Other Names Of The Bible. If you check back next week I may have a cow, pig, or a goat for heavens sake. LOL And hopefully this spring I will start a garden!! I love and miss you Mom....maybe this is how I have to feel closer to you. (Oh and by the way...I got 2 new plants as well) =) Smiles

Monday, March 9, 2009

Miss Faiths' Determination

Scot and Faith

We took Miss Faith back to the Vet on Saturday. The Vet did another scrape on her...after viewing the slide for what seemed like 15 minutes, he returned with the best news ever!! The mites he seen were ALL dead! He said he wants to treat her 3 more times to make sure, but as far as he could tell...she is "live" mite free! I am so thankful for all the prayers from everyone and all the concern. I knew when I picked the name "Faith" was absolutely perfect for her. I wasn't sure why she looked like a "Faith"...but I do now! The boys were up this weekend and so I got some pictures of them with Miss you can tell ....Faiths progress is nothing short of amazing!

Ty and Faith

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Let me explain and try my hardest not to bore you in the meantime...

Last week I noticed my furnace was set on 72 but it was only reading at 68 degrees. Through out the day the degrees kept falling. As well as the temperature outside. As the afternoon passed and night too, again the degrees in the house kept falling...(im probly saying temp and degrees backwards, but what do you expect from a hillbilly girl like me?) The following morning of course Rick was off to work and still the temp kept falling. I picked up the telephone and called my step dad to ask a few questions as to what on earth could be happening. As he stayed on the phone with me, I grabbed the duct tape and a utility knife (because we all know those two things can fix anything!)I walked him through the house checking ducts, hoses, vents, etc. Ohhhh and filters. (which I couldn't find). So as much as he tried to help me and more than willing to walk me through the was a little hard to do miles away. Rick returned home and found 1 heater duct falling apart, so he duct taped it back up and also found a heat register blowing air into the basement....(like we need heat there?) And found a filter jammed into the furnace...Obviously not the right size!! So as of last night the heating problem was fixed!

This morning I wake up to beautiful heat!.............................AND...............water spraying out of a water line ALL over my bathroom!!! I started flyin around the house looking for shut off valves...and I did find them, however...none for which I needed. I reach for the phone yet again...trying not to drip all over the floor...and called another person to find out where the valve was I needed. As water floods my bathroom floor, I grab the nearest boots I could find..(I'm sure someone will appreciate that =) ) and went downstairs. I finally found the shut off valve and the water ceased. After several hours and a lot of phone calls...I finally got ahold of my landlord to send someone up. (He said he had 5 other furnaces out in 5 other houses...and would get here as soon as he finished those....go figure!) Now that the water line is fixed and my temper has calmed down some...I think I will look into some Bob Vila how-to-tips...or maybe some trick-my-house!

Smile everyone....It's really not that bad!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not a lot to say..

I just wanted to post something, so I can say I am trying to keep up =)

Everything seems to be going well with Miss Faith. We do take her back to the Vet on Saturday and she will get another scrape to let us know how her mange is doing. And another shot. She is lively as ever and learning new tricks all the time. I'm looking forward to the news the Vet has to tell us. I'm asuming everything is going well and the mites are dying continuously. I will post more after her visit on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I have had another child turn 18 this past week. Time sure does fly. My oldest is getting married in Aug. so it seems as is falling right into place..huh?? While it's falling into place I think I will just stay here and dig my feet in a lil' deeper. =)