Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I miss Fishing =(

I took this picture last summer while Rick and I were at Tamarack Lake fishing. I don't remember if we caught anything but just looking at this picture makes me miss the warm weather even more. I do already have this years fishing license by the get ready Tina!!! LOL


Aunt Rose said...

Your grandmother and grandfather used to love fishing at Tamarack. She usually caught the most fish too! They'd be pleased to know you enjoy it there also!

Tina. said...

Girl you are just one upping me the whole way this year aren't you!!! Yes Kerry and I usually get ours the weekend between our birthdays, so this weekend is it. Care to have a contest? LOL. Who can clean the most fish? We will let you do ours lol!

She who is by birth... said...