Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Members of the Family

These are the new members of the family =) I am starting to become my Mother more and more every day I believe. She was always an animal of any kind lover...except June bugs (I think). so now we have Miss Faith....Miss Grace....and many Miss Other Names Of The Bible. If you check back next week I may have a cow, pig, or a goat for heavens sake. LOL And hopefully this spring I will start a garden!! I love and miss you Mom....maybe this is how I have to feel closer to you. (Oh and by the way...I got 2 new plants as well) =) Smiles


Sunny said...

Remember, your garden doesn't have to be big. A container garden would work well in your area and give you the satisfaction of growing something of "your own".

Love you!

Aunt Rose said...

Becoming more like your mom is a good good thing! Nice fish!

Tina. said...

You beat me to posting my fish pic, lol, I had to wait till the tank was clean, so I did that and took pics last Saturday! Great minds do think alike oh and yes by the way i bought an oxalis plant last weekend too. Do you know what it is? A shamrock and shame on you your irish you should know these things, LOL!