Monday, March 9, 2009

Miss Faiths' Determination

Scot and Faith

We took Miss Faith back to the Vet on Saturday. The Vet did another scrape on her...after viewing the slide for what seemed like 15 minutes, he returned with the best news ever!! The mites he seen were ALL dead! He said he wants to treat her 3 more times to make sure, but as far as he could tell...she is "live" mite free! I am so thankful for all the prayers from everyone and all the concern. I knew when I picked the name "Faith" was absolutely perfect for her. I wasn't sure why she looked like a "Faith"...but I do now! The boys were up this weekend and so I got some pictures of them with Miss you can tell ....Faiths progress is nothing short of amazing!

Ty and Faith


Tina. said...

Such wonderful and exciting news! I know that at our household we are celebrating right along with you!

Glad you had a nice weekend with the boys! Nice pictures too!

Aunt Rose said...

Great news about miss Faith! Hooray, God is good, even for doggies!