Monday, February 23, 2009

In the Dog House!!

He musta done something wrong...I can almost hear Miss Faith saying..."
Mommy said you should have taken me for a walk! =) "

" LiL' Miss Perfect got me in trouble again! "

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wedding Invitation

As some of you know my daughter Amanda is getting married in August. Much to my suprise she asked if I would be interested in designing their wedding invitation. I wanted to play around with it a little bit before I gave them a for sure answer. Here is what I came up with...I would appreciate your opinion and honesty. Thank you! had a great point..thank you!! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miss Faiths Progress..

I know this picture is very disturbing...I apologize, however I am hoping to encourage maybe even one person. This picture is of Faith after one of her baths in the "dip" that came so HIGHLY recommended by a so-called-vet. Advising us to NEVER miss a dip if we wanted her to get better. Then we found out it wasn't sarcoptic mange and decided to discontinue the "dip". and this is what happened....

She is doing very well....yes still very bald in some spots but they tell us the mites are dying!!! This weekend we have to take her in for another shot....and more shots to come...but she is so alive and energetic. My advice would be to always get a second opinion and to always ask questions if you don't understand. If you think for one minute mange is not treatable....or that you have to euthanize your animal....please...think again.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Divorce isn't such a bad thing...

I woke up this morning and looked at my Fiance' and said...I had a dream last night. I dreamed we got divorced....he looks back at me and says..what? no! I said "no hun, it was a good thing" and he just looked at me in disbelief. I smiled at him and said "That tells me, we got married!"

I know everyone is wondering...when are we going to get married...well the only thing I can tell you is this....hopefully soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I wanted to give you a quick update on Miss Faith. She seems to be doing SOOOOO much better WITHOUT the "dip". The original vet told us Faith had "sarcoptic mange"...She doesn't. She has the other one. Passed to her from her mother while nursing. We were giving her the dip for a sarcoptic mange which in turn I believe made her worse. Great huh?? To make a sad, long story short....The energy this puppy has is unbelievable!!!! She is all over the house again...running and playing with the kids. Begging for snacks and doing her AWESOME tricks. She amazes me to no end!
We continue to pray for with her...and most of all, not make her feel "diseased" in any way. We carry on like it's nothing. I think she feeds off that and therefore in my humble opinion....takes that energy and uses it to help herself fight this condition.
I believe God loves us all very much.... and our well-being. But do we honestly believe... he limits his love to just us?? I think not. Thank you God for every blessing in my life!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

No Help?? Wow!

I called another vet this morning because Miss Faith seems to be getting worse. In a weeks time she has had 1 shot and 2 dips for this so-called mange. I did some searching online last night on "mange". I am finding out the mange the vet told us is the opposite of what she has. So I'm not even sure the dip is doing anything but hurting her with this type of mange. I asked this "Vet" if they could possibly look at her and of course they had no problem with that. I got the whole...sure please bring her out so we can see her. My next question was...and do you accept payments?? Uhm...Payments?? I said yes payments.. She can't do that. We have no advice for you or where to turn for help because there is none. My thought was this...Vet? You call yourself a "Vet"? Aren't you the people who care for the animal?? Their best intrest?? Oh...only if I'm lining your pocket does the whole "care" thing kick in. So in other are actors. You act like you care....for a PRICE! Mind you I did offer to post-date a check for them. She chuckled and said yeah...No! So at this point I am left no choice but to sit and wait it out....along with Miss Faith waiting it out. I don't care about me... I care about her comfort...her pain...her agony.
I find it absolutely appauling that there is NO help for people who honestly and truly care about their animals with a lower income than most. Again...catagorize this!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The View..

This is the view of my back peaceful!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love..

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Faith update..

First of all....I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Miss Faith is doing well. She is not itching at all anymore. Instead she is licking. I never claimed to know a lot about dogs or animals for that matter, but I am "assuming" her licking is a sign of her trying to heal herself as well as the medicine she is getting. I look at her as she licks away...she looks up at me as if to say..."see Mom...I am trying to help myself too! Thank you for taking good care of me and loving me!"
The redness has also gone down. We will continue the "dip"....the TERRIBLE smelling sulfur based "dip". If going through a lil' bit of uncomfortableness through my nose helps her and gets her well....I am all for it! I will post pictures soon of her and her progress....Thank you again!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


And this is why we have....."Faith"

A week ago I sat in my dining room and said to my sister.. "If she has mange...she has to go!" Little did I know what I was about to be faced with.

Miss Faith has been scratching and has red spots up and down her legs. She is losing hair and very uncomfortable. Saturday we took her to the Vet to have her shots updated and have the Vet look at her "skin condition". He said he would do a "scrape" and put it under the microscope to check things out. A few moments later he returned. There are 2 types of easy to treat and one very difficult to treat. Miss Faith has the very difficult to treat mange :( I couldn't even look at the Vet. As tears streamed down my face...I could only think....No way am I getting rid of her....we can fight this....I don't want her to die....she has to live! With a shot in hand the Vet injected her with the first dose of treatment. She is to return in 2 weeks...which I will have Faith there to receive yet another shot of treatment. I will continue to treat her until she gets better. She is not only part of our family now...but has been yet another best friend to me. I will NOT give up on her.

I got a new digital camera and took some pictures of her today. I played around with theses pictures for quite some time today... trying to make them look perfect. Truth is...Faith is very sick and I decided I wanted to post her pictures AS SHE IS. She is still perfect in my eyes. I will keep everyone updated on her progress. If you see fit....keep her in your prayers please. Thanks!