Sunday, February 1, 2009


And this is why we have....."Faith"

A week ago I sat in my dining room and said to my sister.. "If she has mange...she has to go!" Little did I know what I was about to be faced with.

Miss Faith has been scratching and has red spots up and down her legs. She is losing hair and very uncomfortable. Saturday we took her to the Vet to have her shots updated and have the Vet look at her "skin condition". He said he would do a "scrape" and put it under the microscope to check things out. A few moments later he returned. There are 2 types of easy to treat and one very difficult to treat. Miss Faith has the very difficult to treat mange :( I couldn't even look at the Vet. As tears streamed down my face...I could only think....No way am I getting rid of her....we can fight this....I don't want her to die....she has to live! With a shot in hand the Vet injected her with the first dose of treatment. She is to return in 2 weeks...which I will have Faith there to receive yet another shot of treatment. I will continue to treat her until she gets better. She is not only part of our family now...but has been yet another best friend to me. I will NOT give up on her.

I got a new digital camera and took some pictures of her today. I played around with theses pictures for quite some time today... trying to make them look perfect. Truth is...Faith is very sick and I decided I wanted to post her pictures AS SHE IS. She is still perfect in my eyes. I will keep everyone updated on her progress. If you see fit....keep her in your prayers please. Thanks!


Tina. said...

We sure will keep her in our prayers and we know that God is the Master Physician! Looking forward to the updates. We are all pulling for her and Honey Dew and Sampson are too!

Aunt Rose said...

Glad you are keeping her... she looks like a gem. Animals like kids get sick, and need TLC. But they are worth all the trouble, same as kids are. :-)