Monday, February 9, 2009

No Help?? Wow!

I called another vet this morning because Miss Faith seems to be getting worse. In a weeks time she has had 1 shot and 2 dips for this so-called mange. I did some searching online last night on "mange". I am finding out the mange the vet told us is the opposite of what she has. So I'm not even sure the dip is doing anything but hurting her with this type of mange. I asked this "Vet" if they could possibly look at her and of course they had no problem with that. I got the whole...sure please bring her out so we can see her. My next question was...and do you accept payments?? Uhm...Payments?? I said yes payments.. She can't do that. We have no advice for you or where to turn for help because there is none. My thought was this...Vet? You call yourself a "Vet"? Aren't you the people who care for the animal?? Their best intrest?? Oh...only if I'm lining your pocket does the whole "care" thing kick in. So in other are actors. You act like you care....for a PRICE! Mind you I did offer to post-date a check for them. She chuckled and said yeah...No! So at this point I am left no choice but to sit and wait it out....along with Miss Faith waiting it out. I don't care about me... I care about her comfort...her pain...her agony.
I find it absolutely appauling that there is NO help for people who honestly and truly care about their animals with a lower income than most. Again...catagorize this!!!!

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