Thursday, October 22, 2009

What do you mean NO...???!!!

Me: Ok listen, we neeed to talk. I know you won't be happy with this however, this needs to be worked out. And the only way we can work this out is by discussing things. I gotta be honest with you and let you know I am not happy about the way things are going...I feel we need to be more aware of what's been going on that MUST change.

Conscience: Oh really, cause I am just fine with the way things are going.

Me: Well I'm not and I get the final say so. So let's move along. First thing is..No know what the Dr told you about that drug causing more migraines. Secondly, No more empty calories. Such as Sweetened tea, sweetened coffee or SODA! Third, Let's make an effort to cut back on the carbs, trust me it won't kill you, and besides, that will leave more room for proteins, fruits and veggies.

Conscience: You are telling me no more msg, when you know full well that is a common ingredient in chips??????? YOU KNOW I LOVE CHIPS! Andddd you are telling me no SODA?! It is convenient and it taste good! And carbs? Are you serious?? That is the number one comfort food! You honestly can't expect me to go without this stuff!!!!

Me: I not only expect it...I demand it! I am tired of feeling like crap and having no energy!

Conscience: Fine then! Have it YOUR are going to fall flat on your face!

Me: Oh really? (Smiles) Well when I fall flat on my face, I will get back up and start running again...and the best part of that have NO choice BUT to go with me! ツ


Sunny said...

LOLOL! Cute... that's right , make your conscience stand up and behave!

Rose said...

Amen! Just what I need to do also!! (Especially when I tell it we need to walk and it is soooo stubborn!)