Friday, September 11, 2009

Pictures!!!! :o)

Two days after Amanda and Joe got married, Joe woke Amanda and told her he would be back that he had to go get a suprise for her. This is what he came back with... For those who do not know...the flower of their wedding was the "Daisy". They named their first baby...."daisy" Sweet huh??Daisy

Their FIRST Football game together after marriage. I think they could have picked better attire..say...oh I don't know....maybe some Titans wear?? ;) By the way...Rick and I were invited up just to spend time together with them in their new home to watch the game. Ok and maybe Joey did have some hidden agenda...Steelers against the Titans...I think he wanted to see us cry?? LOL jk Anyway...We...all being newly weds had an awesome time together and it was wonderful for us to get out of the house and just spend some one on one time with them. We love you Amanda and Joe!!


Sunny said...

Looks like they just really have fun together, and thats what it is really all about! Wishing all the newly-weds many happy years together!

Rose said...

Good for Joe and Amanda... I'm a Steeler fan too! And I ditto my sister's comment!