Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Wedding Pictures...Amanda & Joes Wedding

Mother & if you couldn't tell?!!

Exchanging Marriage Vows

Maid of Honor : Jess Vickers (Amandas Best Friend)
Bridesmaid : Angie Lantz Amandas Sister in Law
Bridesmaid : Sammi Notz Amandas Sister
Bridesmaid : Morgan Pintagro Amandas Sister

Best Man : Jr (Joes Best Friend)
Groomsman : Ken Lantz Joes Brother
Groomsman : Cody Walter Amandas Cousin
Groomsman : Casey Pintagro Amandas Brother

Cake Table ......I designed :)

Joe & Amanda Lantz dancing their first song to Clicnt Black - When I said I Do

......Still dancing to the song When I said I do by Clint Black

Some Awesome pictures of my Daughter and Son in Laws Wedding I think!!!
Presenting to you.....
Joseph and Amanda Lantz
August 08, 2009

1 comment:

Sunny said...

Absolutely beautiful pics! love the colors and design of the whole thing, bare feet, daisies and all!
And I bet it didn't cost an arm and a leg! Way to go Manda and Joe!!
(Dave Ramsey said on his radio talk show yesterday the avg wedding now costs $28,000 - can you believe it?? and a modest one costs $7-8000)
Debt free way to go!Proud of you both!