Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hillbilly Gardening..

We planted our first garden, if that's what you want to call We had 3 tomato plants given to us. So last night we decided to spend some time in the back yard planting these. After a few phone calls to find out how to plant them, we gave it a whirl. Even if they produce nothing, the memory Rick and I shared in those moments was worth all the digging, smiles, laughs, and shared glances back and forth. ;)


Sunny said...

Got to start somewhere :) now put some mulch around them so no one runs them over with a mower, and the weeds don't crowd them out. You could also try some container gardening. Squash and cukes and even peppers will grow in conainers,(large old pots or buckets) and some marigolds would be pretty among them. ok, i'll be quiet :)
love, Mom

Tina. said...

Lololololol! You did good! And you know mom, once an artist always an artist, painting your landscape!